Let Technology take the strain of COVID19 Compliance
tradesafe is an affordable COVID19 compliance technology that will help you open your doors to customers while keeping costs low and freeing your staff's time to concentrate on your business not COVID. 

Reduce Costs

tradesafe reduces the need for extra staff manning the doorways & policing social distancing

Keep Staff Safe

Minimise the contact between your staff & customers and allow the app to control entry, table ordering & toilet monitoring.

Control Capacity

Live capacity tracking controls the flow in and around your venue. The smart device grants entry to customers outside and alerts staff when venue is close to capacity.

Increase Efficiency

Let tradesafe take the time spent monitoring customer entry, recording personal information in line with government rules, taking orders & issuing bills.

Know The Real Time Capacity Of Your Venue

Real-time tracking and alerts of live venue capacity, ensuring compliance with 1m+ rule. App instructs customer at the door to either wait or enter venue.

Easy Customer Data Capture

tradesafe App takes customer's personal data ahead of entering venue and keeps a record for 21 days, in line with the NHS Test & Trace system.

Keep Customers At Their Table & Minimise Queues

Plus, tradesafe customer app alerts your customer to a free table, allows customers to 'call server', request bill & receive toilet free notifications. Further bespoke features include; upload food & drink menu, in-app ordering & contactless bill payment.

How It Works

Customers receive download link ahead of bookings or as customer approaches the door, they will receive prompt to download app to & capture personal information upon entry. App can be found in the app store or scan QR code.

Upon entry customer places phone against tradesafe device, showing on phone whether to enter or wait until their is space available. Once registered, customer's can enter any tradesafe-registered venue. Data is removed from venue cloud system after 21 days in line with government guidelines.

Queuing for toilets is a thing of the past - place further sensors by toilets for automated management of toilet capacity in line with governments 1 person rule. Customers receive notifications for when toilets are free. And phone shows when safe to enter.

Add further sensor at garden entry to alert front door device when someone exits into the garden freeing up space inside the venue to allow more customers to enter. 

Customers can request service from staff and ask for the bill from the comfort of their table reducing movement around the venue & cross over of staff and customers.

Add your food & drink's menu to allow customers to order through the app direct from the table. Plus, take contactless payment instantly, reducing staffing needs and customer to staff contact further - please email us for this additional feature - costs apply.




If you would like to discuss how tradesafe can help develop a bespoke solution for your venue or you'd like to order in bulk get in touch with our sales team to discuss.